11 Best Tips For Rockwall Graphy Durability

Rockwall paint colour and durability tips
Pure White Rockwall Color

What Is Rockwall?

Rockwall is basically tinny particles of natural marble and granite as shown below in the images. This is mainly used for the permanent finish of building exterior paint. Rockwall colours are near nature. Most designers and architects recommend Rockwall paint for exterior finish due to its natural color look and design. To apply these particles and increase their durability some chemicals have to be used in them. So that they can make there look like a sheet applied on the surface.

Natural marble and granite colors for Rockwall
Rockwall Colors
Rockwall texture paint
Rockwall Colours

Tips for Rockwall Colors

  1. Marble tinny particles must be washed with clean water 3 to 4 times to remove all the dust in the particles to get a fresh and original color look.
  2. To get the best finish base coat must be applied in a similar or 5% darker shade.
  3. For application, the surface must be prepared properly, all the broken edges must be repaired before the final application.
  4. All the holes on the surface and all the damaged parts of the plaster must be repaired and leveled with the surface of the plaster with the help of pop or morter or their mixture for rapid results.
  5. Final Rockwall material should be applied with a neat and clean trowel which must be prepared well for use.

Tips For Rockwall Paint Durability

  1. Marble and granite particles should be smaller in size as much as available in the market 250 kg per batch.
  2. Binder/Resin should be more than 50% solid and should be used in Rockwall graphy material and even in base coat material 25kg should be used per 250kg batch.
  3. The thickener should be HEC 60000 or higher in grade, Natrosol manufactured by Ashland industries Nederland is recommended.
  4. For hardener ammonia, liquid gas should be used 500gm per 250kg batch.
  5. Chemicals to increase material dry time must be used 2kg per batch in summers and in winters if required according to the surface quality. The final finish will be more jointless in higher dry-time materials.
  6. At least 6 kg of binder must be used in 50kg of base coat material bag.

Rockwall paint materials price in Pakistan

  • Marble stone price depends upon the color of Rockwall you want for the final finish. Starting from 450 per 50kg bag to 600 per 50 kg bag. In one batch of 250 kg multiply the rate of 5 bags of marble by the single bag rate you will get the overall cost of marble stone for one batch.
  • The price of binder/resin 50% solid is around 450 Rs/Kg minimum of 25kg should be used in a 250 kg batch.
  • The thickener HEC should be at least 1.5 kg/250kg batch or above. The rate per kg is 4200/Kg.
  • Labor Rate per sqft is 10 Rs with the base application.
  • Other expenses are carriage rent, scuff folding rent, etc.
  • The base coat will cost you around 4 Rs/sqft.
  • A total 250 kg batch will cover around 1350 sqft area which will cost you almost 17 Rs/sqft.
  • Over all cost of the finished product will be around 31 Rs/sqft.
Rockwall paint material price in Pakistan
Rockwall materials rate in Pakistan

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