Paint Prices in Pakistan | How much does a wall cost

Paint Prices in Pakistan | How much does a wall cost

According to industry experts, paint prices in Pakistan have risen dramatically. This means that people will need to spend more money on household items, which could mean less spending on food and other necessities.

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Which paints are the most expensive?

According to the Pakistan Paints Manufacturers Association (PPMA), the average price of a gallon by branded manufacturers of paint in Pakistan was Rs. 1,890 in 2018. However, the price of paints has increased by over 50% in just one year. In 202, the PPMA reported that the average price of a gallon of paint had risen to Rs. 2,500.

Where can I find the best deals?

If you’re looking for the cheapest paint in Pakistan, you should check out the online stores at and These sites offer discounts of up to 70%, making them excellent places to buy paint. You can also visit local hardware stores and ask for a discount. These sites will provide you with an overview of paint prices in Pakistan by different brands and suppliers.

Which paints are the most expensive in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, acrylic paint costs $3.50 per liter (almost 2700 per gallon), while oil paint costs $4.00 per liter. Oil paint is more popular than acrylic because it lasts longer and dries faster.

The price of paint varies from brand to brand jotun Pakistan is the most expensive paint in the market due to its quality and performance over the years and its imported material. Paint prices in Pakistan by other competitive brands are almost similar to each other depending upon the there material quality and token price in the packing and the discount offered by the company to the shopkeeper.

In Pakistan, the cost of paint depends on where you live. For instance, in Karachi, the average price of paint is $2.50 per liter. On the other hand, in Lahore, the price of paint is $3.00 per liter.

The price of paint varies depending on where you live in Pakistan. Paint costs less in rural areas than in urban ones. However, the price of paint does not vary much between cities. Due to the high rise in fuel prices transportation cost increases which causes high price in urban areas.

Where can I find paint prices in Pakistan?

If you’re looking for cheap paint in Pakistan, you might consider buying it online. You can buy paint at low prices by visiting nearby whole seller shops. However, online sites often charge high shipping fees.

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